So I figured I would upload pictures of my tattoos since two out of three have to do with my transition.

My first one I got on my 18th birthday. For 4 years I planned my tattoo and knew it HAD to be done on my birthday. At first the plan was to get a wolf jumping out of a cage, and have the shadow of the wolf tinted with the rainbow colors. I love wolves and always have, plus they are frequently used to symbolize teaching and I want to educate others about trans-related issues. I knew that when I turned 18 that I would be able to get away from my mom’s discrimination, hence the cage, and when I first designed it I was out as lesbian, so the rainbow shadow was to show that I am proud of who I am. I stuck with the plan for four years. Then when it was time to get it I realized the cage didn’t translate into a tattoo well. So I changed my plan about a week before getting the tattoo. I decided to get a wolf with wings. The wolf representing me of course and the wings representing me being able to be free from my mom’s discrimination.

My second tattoo was not planned as long. My friend told me she was getting something called an ambigram. If you read it one way it says life if you read it upside down it says death. So I thought I would look up other ones. And I found a site ( where you can make your own! I tried several things, pride/alex, celia/alex (dont worry I’m not getting her name tattooed on me yet), actually our full names work too. Finally I settled on Courage and Strength. Courage and strength are both things you need a lot of to transistion, espeically when you are putting up with my family and financial hardships.

My third tattoo is a bullet. Shooting is my passion. I love it. The bullet is positioned so that when I’m shooting the bullet is heading towards the target.


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