Changes! 2.5 weeks on T! 2-24-11

Hey all,

Thought I’d blog about some changes I’m noticing. The FIRST thing I noticed was sex drive. Like no kidding, I cannot get enough of my wonderful girlfriend. (By the way, today is our 1 year and 4 month anniversary). Anyway, at first I thought it was just me… NOPE. Definitely the T.

The next thing I noticed was how much I sweat. Like just walking to my dorm after class makes me sweat a lot.
I’m keeping this brief because it’s bedtime.

I have also noticed voice changes. Slightly? Check the voice clips for that.

Also, does anyone know anything about T making you tired? For the first week and a half or two I just wanted to sleep all the time, and not wake up for classes. Craziness.

Something I just noticed last night: “Dick growth”… Yeah, it happens. We’re not talking much but it’s noticeable.

Two things I haven’t noticed that I expected to see: Acne, and appetite increase. If anything I eat less, and haven’t noticed really any acne.

I’ll elaborate more when I have time? Say…. Friday? Tomorrow? Alright, bedtime before the Celia monster attacks!

-Alexzander (2 Weeks 4 days on T)

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It’s been too long!

Alright… Alright, I know… I kinda suck at this blogging thing.
I’m hoping to start back up with blogging, especially now that I will possibly have updates!

Well… Now I need to think about what I need to update everyone on.
First, I came out to my mom and my grandma on her side, my dad (again), my ex-step-mom and her parents (who are being more supportive than my own parents), and my grandparents on my dad’s side.

My mom is not cool with it as we all knew would happen. My dad isn’t talking to me for his own immature selfish reasons. My grandma on my mom’s side is upset and doesn’t like it but says she still loves me and won’t take me out of her life.
My dad’s side of the family (except him) is all okay with things, not saying they support it, but they aren’t cutting me off because of this.

I have FINALLY started T! I just did my second shot tonight and I’m so excited! However I do not like sticking myself with the needle…. If you want some entertainment then you can watch my youtube video where I did my shot today. It is quite hilarious.

I haven’t noticed anything yet… obviously. I will be sure to update my youtube and blog as soon as I notice something,
I am keeping tons of Microsoft Excel documents to record my transition. I have measurements, total costs, a shot log, and an important dates log. I am doing voice clips (see voice clips page) and video updates. I figure I will do these every week for the first few months then maybe switch to doing once a month for voice and a little more frequently for videos.

Well I’m going to take a break from writing because I walk to pick Celia up from work… check the youtube (adt2010) for updates and such… I’ll blog more often now (hopefully!)…

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Therapy, so far

Alright guys! Here’s how therapy is going.

I’ve had some homework that I haven’t done. I was supposed to write something for my mom about what I expect out of our relationship. What I want from her etc.

Now I have been assigned something that I’m actually working on. A pro/con list for coming out to my mom as transgender. The pro list cannot consist of of stuff that results from T or surgery. So I can’t put passing more there etc.  So here’s the problem, I can’t think of ANY pros! Except maybe not having to hide it. But, other than that! I have no idea. If you can think of anything PLEASE post and let me know.

That’s the other thing. Eventually I will have a “T” letter, and a letter for surgery. So, what do I do? Do I start these things without telling people? Do I tell them and risk loosing everything. Then again, what WOULD I loose. I already don’t recieve much financial help or anything.

Other than that therapy is going ok. I look forward to every session and I really enjoy getting to talk.

Also, if anyone has ideas for topics for me to discuss then let me know and I’ll do just that!


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Region III Conference

Just a quick blog post about something other than being transgender… which actually does have something to do with this still.

I attended the Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE) Region 3 conference in Overland Park, KS This past weekend. It was great! I had to take 5, 75 question, tests in: LAE knowledge, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Law, Corrections, and Police Management. I also competed in a crime scene copetition. My team did NOT win a trophy but we did pretty good! The other thing I did was the shooting (as in guns) competition. I didn’t win on the individual level, but my team won 1st place in upper division. (divisions are by credit hour, I’m lower but the other two are upper so I was put with them).

The hotel room was nice and my name tag read: Alexzander Teitsort. Yes, for a whole weekend I was Alexzander. I got to wear two suits. A black suit with white shirt and black tie for the dinner, and a black suit with black shirt white tie for the awards ceremony. I looked pretty good =)

It was pretty awesome.

Anyway… going to do another post now about therapy!

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Testosterone Frustrations

Sadly, I’m not writing this about things going on while I’m on Testosterone.

Unlike a lot of my transguy friends, I am still pre-t. It’s driving me crazy. The problem is I cannot AFFORD to go on T. (plus I’m still doing therapy). So what am I to do? The only possible solution is to A) win the lottery or B) rob a bank. Sadly the first one isn’t going to happen and the second would ruin my career. I STILL cannot find a job. I STILL have to pay for school, so I’m STILL broke.

If anyone has any advice or help it would be greatly appreciated.

Also I do have a ChipIn account set up:

PLEASE… Feel free to donate a couple bucks. It is very much appreciated.

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Binder Recommendations!

Hello All,

The time has come. Yes… Again I get to fork out a wad o’ cash (virtually?) to get a new binder, with hopes that it will make me more flat-chested than the ones I have. Yes I know I should not be wearing two binders but… One simply doesn’t do the trick… and well… honestly neither does two. I mean you would think I have like DDs or something.

So here’s where I need help! I need advice on what to get. I have a bit of a belly (That I can’t get rid of) and some chesticles (That I also can’t get rid of). I am roughly a C (on the large end according to my generally very gay girlfriend). I (apparently) have a thing for parenthesis tonight.

Anyway, I need some advice on what works for kinda bigger guys. You can look at my videos on youtube (adt2010) to get a general idea of my body shape. Right now I am kind of not worrying about price… I’ll worry about that when I get there.

Thanks for any help!

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Alright so I know this might be a lost cause but hey… ya never know…

I’ve created a ChipIn account so if anyone has any spare change to donate towards my name change and eventually my endo appt you can. Any help would be greatly appricated…

I have applied to pretty much every business with no luck on getting a job! I have started therapy that’s free so soon I can start T. Only one thing is stopping me, and that’s money. Or a lack of.

I really want my name changed so there’s no more confusion in classes and really want to start T.

Again EVERY penny is appreciated!


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