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Therapy, so far

Alright guys! Here’s how therapy is going. I’ve had some homework that I haven’t done. I was supposed to write something for my mom about what I expect out of our relationship. What I want from her etc. Now I have … Continue reading

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Region III Conference

Just a quick blog post about something other than being transgender… which actually does have something to do with this still. I attended the Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE) Region 3 conference in Overland Park, KS This past weekend. It was … Continue reading

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What should I think?

Hey guys, Alright so something happened yesterday and I really don’t know what I SHOULD think about it. Everytime I tell most people this story they look at me like I’m being judgemental and whatever else. Celia and I went … Continue reading

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Back to School… Back to Alex

Hey! Alright, so I know I haven’t posted in a while… that’s because I’ve been busy moving back to school and such. So coming back to school means several things: – One, I now officially live with my girlfriend, Celia. … Continue reading

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