First I want to talk about my really awesome razor. I use a double edge razor, or a safety razor. It’s kinda like what they used ‘back in the day’. It uses double edged razor blades and gives you the smoothest shave you can get.

This razor is very similar to mine, just more expensive....

Up until about a month ago I could use this razor and have a reallllllly smooth face for at least 24-48 hours. Now by the next morning I can feel the rough ‘stubble’ coming out. So I decided it was finally time to try to do something with the little bit of facial hair I have. In the past I have simply let it grow until Celia complains, or until I realize it looks a little too bad. Then I shave it all off, have a perfectly smooth face for at bit, and then let the process repeat. I have always wanted a chinstrap. I don’t really know why but I have so I decided for that to be my goal. I let my facial hair grow for about 3 weeks and then decided to try it. I started off using my trimmer to get most of the hair off of my neck and the little on my cheek. Then I lathered up some shaving cream and went to work. For the final touch ups I needed a little help from Celia, because it’s a little hard to see things when you have a trimmer in your hand. Here’s what happened: (ignore the razor picture it was just in the gallery and idk how to change that and keep the above pic)

So what do you think? Chinstrap work for me?

I may or may not keep it, just depends. I do realize the middle is supposed to be a little more up on my chin but there is a lack of hair there for now, so I figured this works.

Let me know what you think!


About Alexzander

I am currently 19 years old. I attend the University of Central Missouri. I am a Criminal Justice major. I am transgender FTM. I have been wanting to make a blog to write about my struggles with transitioning and to help other FTMs. Ideas are needed!
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