Almost 1 year on T!

Well, I didn’t even realize it but it is almost my 1 year on T anniversary. However, the 52 week mark is actually occuring 1 month before the date that I started T. How’d that happen? My first shot was on Feb 8th, and then the shot dates (well the Sundays I was supposed to do them, sometimes it was Monday) are listed here:

1 week – 2/13/11 ——— 7 month- 8/21/11
2 weeks- 2/20/11 ——— 8 month- 9/18/11
3 weeks- 2/27/11 ——— 9 month- 10/16/11
1 month- 3/6/11 ——— 10 month- 11/13/11
2 month- 4/3/11 ——— 11 month- 12/11/11
3 month- 5/1/11 ——— 12 month – 1/8/12 (This is the 52 week mark)
5 month- 6/26/11
6 month- 7/24/11

I guess we had a lot of months with 5 Sundays this year? Ohwell,

I’m hoping to get a few pictures from my grandma to put up as part of the notorious 1 year on T slideshow.
Hopefully we can get some kid pictures in it… we’ll see. I don’t think there really are many high school pics, but maybe she has some somewhere. Hopefully I can get them soon in the mail or something.

As far as changes go, there has been a LOT since the first shot, but things seem to have plateaued out.
Things I have notice since my first shot:
-First month of two sex drive went crazy, then leveled out a bit
-Thickening of leg hair possibly
-Stomach hair
-Chest hair
-Increased ability to gain muscle if I actually work towards it
-My nose got a little more… plump?
-Ability to and amount of sweat went way up
-Emotions are just eh… used to get a little crabby before shots, that’s gotten better
-Dyphoria has gotten better but worse. I know my chest is the only thing keeping me from passing when I don’t, but ….since I am passing more than I was it has gotten better
-I want.. no need…. top surgery NOW. But cannot afford it.

Those are just the first things I thought of, I think I shall make another post later if I think of anything more, or maybe I’ll just edit this one. I plan on making a YouTube video tonight, so be on the look out for it!


About Alexzander

I am currently 19 years old. I attend the University of Central Missouri. I am a Criminal Justice major. I am transgender FTM. I have been wanting to make a blog to write about my struggles with transitioning and to help other FTMs. Ideas are needed!
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