Binder Recommendations!

Hello All,

The time has come. Yes… Again I get to fork out a wad o’ cash (virtually?) to get a new binder, with hopes that it will make me more flat-chested than the ones I have. Yes I know I should not be wearing two binders but… One simply doesn’t do the trick… and well… honestly neither does two. I mean you would think I have like DDs or something.

So here’s where I need help! I need advice on what to get. I have a bit of a belly (That I can’t get rid of) and some chesticles (That I also can’t get rid of). I am roughly a C (on the large end according to my generally very gay girlfriend). I (apparently) have a thing for parenthesis tonight.

Anyway, I need some advice on what works for kinda bigger guys. You can look at my videos on youtube (adt2010) to get a general idea of my body shape. Right now I am kind of not worrying about price… I’ll worry about that when I get there.

Thanks for any help!


About Alexzander

I am currently 19 years old. I attend the University of Central Missouri. I am a Criminal Justice major. I am transgender FTM. I have been wanting to make a blog to write about my struggles with transitioning and to help other FTMs. Ideas are needed!
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