Medicine Spoon STP

Alright so a LOT of people know about the medicine spoon STP. However, I found that JUST the medicine spoon didn’t cut it for me. So after watching a lot of videos on YouTube I found one that worked. This video by Jayce is a great how-to. 
There are a few thing’s that he isn’t specific on so here you are.

•I cut the medicine spoon at about 4.5″ to 4 3/4″. This is a straight cut.
•I cut the end of the eye dropper at about an inch and a half, then cut about an eighth of an inch of the end, again a straight cut.
•I then put the dropper about a half-inch inside the spoon (leaving an inch out). You light the end of the rest of the dropper and use the melted plastic to wrap around the end of the medicine spoon where it meets the dropper end (see video).
•After that I cut the dropper end at an angle. I don’t have an exact angle for you but look at the pics. I just started a little under a cm back (or so) and just made an angle (probably around a 45 degree angle). He didn’t do this in the video but I found it helped me.

As far as using it, well I can’t describe it much better than he did when he sent me a message.
“”Well.. the best way to get it right is to use a mirror.

vertically insert the spoon. Dont’ insert it all the way. Angle it so it’s pointing towards the back of the toilet. (that’s usually a pretty good angle) maybe even a little higher than that and you can adjust your hips, and/or lean to make sure you hit the bowl.

You want the hole of the spoon to be sealed on the top by your “inner lips.” just behind there is your pee hole so you want to try to line up the pee hole with the STP hole. but make sure the long part of the spoon is sealed as well by the back wall of where you inserted it. once I have my angle right, I like to put a little pressure on that back wall seal, just to be sure.
Definitely practice in the shower a few times first… calls for fewer messes! haha.. Don’t hold your pee in too long for the sake of saving yourself a UTi, but hold it for a while so you have longer to try and get it right. haha
good luck my friend!

The pics below are of my STP. Sorry they aren’t great I took them with my phone.
I tend to use the medicine spoon more often than my packer/STP just because I keep my packer at my girlfriend’s, though both work great for me. I will make a post about the packer later when I have it. I do use it at urinals often and so far I don’t guess anyone has noticed lol.


About Alexzander

I am currently 19 years old. I attend the University of Central Missouri. I am a Criminal Justice major. I am transgender FTM. I have been wanting to make a blog to write about my struggles with transitioning and to help other FTMs. Ideas are needed!
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