First I want to talk about my really awesome razor. I use a double edge razor, or a safety razor. It’s kinda like what they used ‘back in the day’. It uses double edged razor blades and gives you the smoothest shave you can get.

This razor is very similar to mine, just more expensive....

Up until about a month ago I could use this razor and have a reallllllly smooth face for at least 24-48 hours. Now by the next morning I can feel the rough ‘stubble’ coming out. So I decided it was finally time to try to do something with the little bit of facial hair I have. In the past I have simply let it grow until Celia complains, or until I realize it looks a little too bad. Then I shave it all off, have a perfectly smooth face for at bit, and then let the process repeat. I have always wanted a chinstrap. I don’t really know why but I have so I decided for that to be my goal. I let my facial hair grow for about 3 weeks and then decided to try it. I started off using my trimmer to get most of the hair off of my neck and the little on my cheek. Then I lathered up some shaving cream and went to work. For the final touch ups I needed a little help from Celia, because it’s a little hard to see things when you have a trimmer in your hand. Here’s what happened: (ignore the razor picture it was just in the gallery and idk how to change that and keep the above pic)

So what do you think? Chinstrap work for me?

I may or may not keep it, just depends. I do realize the middle is supposed to be a little more up on my chin but there is a lack of hair there for now, so I figured this works.

Let me know what you think!

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Almost 1 year on T!

Well, I didn’t even realize it but it is almost my 1 year on T anniversary. However, the 52 week mark is actually occuring 1 month before the date that I started T. How’d that happen? My first shot was on Feb 8th, and then the shot dates (well the Sundays I was supposed to do them, sometimes it was Monday) are listed here:

1 week – 2/13/11 ——— 7 month- 8/21/11
2 weeks- 2/20/11 ——— 8 month- 9/18/11
3 weeks- 2/27/11 ——— 9 month- 10/16/11
1 month- 3/6/11 ——— 10 month- 11/13/11
2 month- 4/3/11 ——— 11 month- 12/11/11
3 month- 5/1/11 ——— 12 month – 1/8/12 (This is the 52 week mark)
5 month- 6/26/11
6 month- 7/24/11

I guess we had a lot of months with 5 Sundays this year? Ohwell,

I’m hoping to get a few pictures from my grandma to put up as part of the notorious 1 year on T slideshow.
Hopefully we can get some kid pictures in it… we’ll see. I don’t think there really are many high school pics, but maybe she has some somewhere. Hopefully I can get them soon in the mail or something.

As far as changes go, there has been a LOT since the first shot, but things seem to have plateaued out.
Things I have notice since my first shot:
-First month of two sex drive went crazy, then leveled out a bit
-Thickening of leg hair possibly
-Stomach hair
-Chest hair
-Increased ability to gain muscle if I actually work towards it
-My nose got a little more… plump?
-Ability to and amount of sweat went way up
-Emotions are just eh… used to get a little crabby before shots, that’s gotten better
-Dyphoria has gotten better but worse. I know my chest is the only thing keeping me from passing when I don’t, but ….since I am passing more than I was it has gotten better
-I want.. no need…. top surgery NOW. But cannot afford it.

Those are just the first things I thought of, I think I shall make another post later if I think of anything more, or maybe I’ll just edit this one. I plan on making a YouTube video tonight, so be on the look out for it!

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Blog Post Resolution

Hey all,

I know it has been an incredibly long time since my last post. I went from being sure I would post ALL the time, to not really posting ever. So I have a resolution, I shall post ever week (or two if things get really crazy). I don’t want to be one of those people that stops blogging except for really big things like top surgery. My goal is to help other transguys as much as possible, I’m not doing that unless I post and make videos.

So that being said I need topics! What is it people want to hear about. Hell, does anyone even read this blog?

Let me know, and for now I am going to do my first post in a hopefully long string of regularly posted posts. (if that made sense)

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Letter to my mom

I just realized I didn’t post this, and I feel like that it should be up here as it is a very important part of my transition. A comment that was just posted to my site mentioned my letter to my mom and it hit me that it wasn’t posted. For now I’ll just post the letter.

Here it is:


You asked me to respond to your email without lying and I am going to do just that. It has taken me a few days to come up with a response, but I decided that the best course of action would be to come out and tell you what’s going on, Instead of lying. This email is going to be a hard one to write, and I know it’s going to be hard for you to read.

As you know growing up I was always very ‘tom-boyish’. I hated wearing dresses, I loved playing sports, I hated dolls etc. Something you don’t know is that for roughly 4-5 years on my birthday I’d blow out the candles and make my wish. I never told you my wish claiming that it wouldn’t come true if it did (cause everyone knows that’s true). If I did tell anyone what I wished for I made up something because I didn’t want them to know what I really wished for. I continually wished that I would wake up the next morning and that I’d be a boy and that everyone would have always known me as a boy. I wished for the same thing every time I seen a shooting star, went over railroad tracks (with my feet held up of course), or any other time a wish was appropriate. I didn’t tell anyone about this because I didn’t want to be thought of as weird.

After those years passed I decided I just had to deal with the fact that I was a girl. I went through middle school and just dealt with it. About halfway through 7th grade I started noticing something was different…. But I couldn’t figure out what it was. I did realize that I wasn’t starting to like boys like most girls my age were. I couldn’t figure out why, I just thought I was more focused on school than the other girls. Then I hit high school. As more and more of my friends got in relationships I still felt as if something wasn’t quite right. Finally I figured out what I thought was the entire problem. I thought that I was having a hard time because I liked girls not boys. However, after you saying derogatory things about gays I tried hiding it from you. However, as we know, I was basically forced to come out.

Even after figuring out that I liked girls things still didn’t seem right, at least not completely. Again I still dealt with this awkwardness. The summer after my sophomore (or junior) year I attended my first Pride. I did so without telling you because I knew you would have never let me go. When I got there I was introduced to a few of my friend’s (a friend from high school) friends. One of the guys I met was Tony. He seemed like most guys there…. Very gay. (like… flaming homo type of gay). Despite the fact that he had a very feminine voice, he seemed pretty cool. It wasn’t until a few days later that Tony actually wasn’t a gay guy. I was informed that he was actually transgender and that the reason why he sounded like a gay guy was because he was in the process of starting hormone replacement therapy. This was like listening to someone speaking Greek. I had no clue what my friend was talking about. I then started some research to figure out what exactly they were talking about.

After doing lots of research I found out what they were talking about. Tony had been born a girl and had always wanted to be a boy. As ‘she’ he was always uncomfortable in his body, and felt different. At first he believed he was a lesbian, but he still felt like that did not describe him. Eventually he figured out he was transgender. When Tony first came out to his parents they did not accept it. They felt that they were losing their daughter ,and that nothing would make the situation better. However, after reading some of the resources he gave him they slowly were able to accept that he was still the same person, and noticed that he was more comfortable with himself. They then came to accept that Tony was their son. After doing this research I realized that this was who I was too. I have always been masculine, and this is who I am. I cannot help it, it is not your fault or anyone elses. This is who I am.

While your support may not be here immediately, I hope that over time you will support me. The potential support I could get from you is very important during this difficult time in my life. As your CHILD, girl or boy, your kid, I need you. As a parent you are supposed to love your child unconditionally and to support them no matter what. It is difficult enough for me to feel uncomfortable in my own body, and at school, but to feel uncomfortable and displaced in my own home would be something completely devastating. If you were to kick me out and cut me off then it’s going to be really hard for me to pay to be at school and to live on my own. Also, being transgender is not a choice. It is a medical occurrence that has a medical solution. It is in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and treatment for it is recognized as medically necessary by the American Medical Association (as many as 25% of all doctors in all specialties in the country are a part of the AMA and it is the largest medical lobbying group on Capital Hill).

I have attached some materials and resources for families of transgenders like myself. I would really like for you to read them. You can accept me for who I am or you can choose not to. It’s ultimately your decision but I hope the decision you make is an informed, rational one. While you are, in a way, losing a daughter, I am still here and I am still myself, and I am your child either way. I’m hoping that your love for me is unconditional as it should be between a mother and child.

I love you.

I did include resources for her. I Doubt she read them.
There it is though, as it was to her without being edited.

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Trans Bandwagon!

Just my opinion. Don’t listen to it if you don’t want to! Doing this by voice so it’s faster… for you and me!

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Fuzzy Wuzzy!

I decided I needed to incorporate more creativeness in my titles.

Anyhow, I have recruited Celia to snap some pictures with my Nikon D70 of my facial hair. Or lack of? I have a picture of each side of my face to show my incoming sideburns. A picture of my neck from a little further away, and also a close up. I am also including a picture of my nice hairy leg for ya.

I think I might leave the sideburns when I shave tomorrow? (Speaking of which, shaving now has to occur weekly, this is after one week of not shaving.) I would leave it but because it is so splotchy I feel like it looks weird.

This is all I have to say about it right now, but I promise to update more often!

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*New!* Documents Section

Check the documents section for copies of documents that are transition related!

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